Sunday, October 4, 2020

Students (and Parents): Pay Attention to SCOTUS Appointment

Today's students have an infrequent opportunity to pay close attention to a Presidential appointment to the Supreme Court of the United States. SCOTUS has only nine judges, called Justices, and this year's opening is attracting great attention because it is occurring during an election cycle.

Read this two-page summary of Amy Coney Barrett, who is President Trump's nominee for appointment.

Read about and understand the political battle that is raging. Get the facts, Understand why this appointment is so important. Understand the legality and the timing.

In other words, educate yourself.

Don't fall for the pitch that the nomination should be deferred until after election day (November 3) or after the Electoral College votes (December 14) or after Inauguration Day (January 20). Don't fall for the pitch that it's "unfair" for President Trump to get to appoint to the Court. President Trump is the President, and it is the President's right and duty to fill the seat on the Supreme Court. Why should he not do so?

Do you know how the Electoral College works or votes? Do you know when the Electoral College votes are counted? Do you know what a Faithless Elector is?

A full Court of nine Justices means no tie votes. The Court's business continues, as it should. 

Re-elect Lindsay Agostini

In the 2½ years I have been attending board meetings of the Richland 2 School District, Lindsay has been the single board member who has arrived at board meetings prepared with questions and comments on agenda items. She spends many hours every week on Richland 2 business, far beyond her specific board duties.

The board should have elected her as Board Chair on June 30.

Eighteen months ago she was Board Secretary, and she resigned from that office rather than attest to the signature of Amelia McKie as Board Chair. Lindsay disagreed with statements in a board resolution and wisely chose to avoid becoming personally liable by signing to something that was not true.

The rest of the board should have agreed with her and corrected the problem by requiring McKie to take the oath of office and become a legal board member. The board should also require Teresa Holmes to take the oath of office and become a legal board member.

This year Lindsay suffered the indignity of disrespectful comments by the superintendent and also a racial slur by a personal friend of the current Board Chair. Reference to that slur was posted on Facebook by a local attorney who benefits financially as a result of the superintendent's direction to the large school-bond law firm that handles Richland 2 bond work. 

Lindsay is often the Lone Ranger on the board, when it comes to toeing the line on proper and legal ways to do business. 

She deserves the support of every voter on November 3rd.