Wednesday, February 9, 2022

R2 Board Hits a New Low

Only four days after a workshop that was supposed to be a start to healing the chaos on the school board, several board members hit new lows in their remarks to other board members.

Worst was DR. CHERYL. CAUTION. PARKER. Listen to her remarks aimed at Trustee Lashonda McFadden during the segment when Trustee McFadden was asking for a special-called board meeting about the January 25th board meeting. 

Trustee McFadden made the "grievous error" in addressing Caution-Parker as Ms. Parker.  Feb. 8, 2022 meeting. Fast-forwared to 3:43:40.

How did Caution-Parker respond?

"It's Doctor Parker. DOCTOR Parker. Doctor. Cheryl. Caution. Parker."

I was waiting for Caution-Parker to add, "and you'd damned well better remember that!"

That was just after Caution-Parker coined a new word in the English language: "gitcha"  (Cheryl, it's "gotcha".)

Never again will I use the honorific of Dr. when addressing Caution-Parker. She blew it last night. She doesn't even deserve "Ms."  or "Trustee". Maybe "that woman" will suffice. Or "CP".

CP was rude, insulting, demeaning, disrespectful. 

And she violated Board Policy.

And Holmes didn't say a word. 

"White Supremacy Race Theory"?

Craig Khanwell

This is Craig Khanwell (or Conwell?), as he spoke to the Richland 2 School Board on February 8, 2022.

Tap here <> for his rant. Viewer discretion advised. Or go to for the February 8, 2022 meeting and fast-forward to 1:46:30. 

[Edited 6/3/2022] That Vibby link worked when it was posted. Subsequently, Richland 2 changed its setting to prevent the use of with recordings of the public meetings.

To view the racist and threatening remarks of Craig Khanwell (Conwell), go to, select the February 8, 2022 Board Meeting, and advance the timer to 1:46:03

Listen carefully to his words, tone and intent. Watch his demeanor and behavior.

Ask yourself a few questions:

Was Craig Khanwell present at the January 25th board meeting?

Where do you think Craig got his information about what happened on January 25?

Why didn't Holmes cut him off?

Why did Holmes allow him to address the audience and not just the board?

Why did Holmes allow threats and warnings?

Why did Supt. Davis just sit there?

Why didn't one Trustee object?

Why didn't security step in?

Where was Marq Claxton, the security director of Richland 2?

Where were the security officers?

Where were the deputy sheriffs?

What do you think of his remarks? Use the Comment section below.

[EDIT: Craig's last name was corrected to Khanwell. 2/11/2022}