Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Public Participation - 10/26/2021

Be sure to listen to and watch the Public Participation portion of the October 26, 2021 school board meeting.

You will find it at livestream.com/richland2  Click on the October 26 meeting. Then advance the timer to 1:34:10 and listen to all ten speakers.

Joe Trapp had, for me, the hardest hitting comments, when he addressed the District's department for Diversity & MultiCultural Inclusion. Listen to his remarks carefully and then view the District's page for this department. 

Joe's suggestion to the District was to disband that department. I second that.

There was a comment at the end of the meeting about the correct form of address for Helen Grant, the Chief Officer for this department. Should she be referred to as "Dr. Grant"? Well, the short answer to that is "No". She is a lawyer by education, and lawyers are not addressed as "Dr." just because their degree is a J.D. (Juris Doctorate).

Read the letter on that department's page, dated March 23, 2021, about the violence directed against the Asian community. Does anyone today even know what that violence was? Did the board of trustees approve that public letter on the District's webpage? Why does Helen Grant, head of just one department in the District, get to issue a letter of sympathy on behalf of the Richland 2 District?

Now listen to Joe Trapp's remarks again (1:59:55).

And listen again to Stephen Gilchrist's remarks again. He hit the nail on the head. (2:03:07)