Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Who on Board violated Policy and Law?

The following email has been sent to Teresa Holmes, with copies to other board members and the superintendent. 

Good afternoon, Chair Holmes,

I am writing to file a complaint against the board member(s), including yourself, who (1) disclosed matters from the April 28, 2022 executive session at the Special-Called Board Meeting to the Richland County Sheriff's Department (RCSD) and to local media; (2)  recorded portions of the executive session; and (3) provided recordings to the RCSD.

Recording was in direct violation of Board Policy BEC which reads, in part: "Under the state's open meeting laws, board members and other persons attending the executive session are duty bound not to disclose matters discussed in the session. Board members or any other persons attending will not use tape recorders or any other means of sonic or video reproduction to record executive sessions."

Such recording was also in direct violation of South Carolina Code of Laws SECTION 30-4-90(c).

SECTION 30-4-90. Minutes of meetings of public bodies.
(c) All or any part of a meeting of a public body may be recorded by any person in attendance by means of a tape recorder or any other means of sonic or video reproduction, except when a meeting is closed pursuant to Section 30-4-70 of this chapter, provided that in so recording there is no active interference with the conduct of the meeting. Provided, further, that the public body is not required to furnish recording facilities or equipment.

I request that the board hear and discuss my complaint in open session for the purpose of full disclosure to the public.

Please address my complaint under Board Policy KE and provide me with updates during the progress of consideration of this complaint.

The public will take note that Board Policy KE was revised (watered down) on March 22, 2022 to eliminate the requirement that the board must consider complaints not satisfactorily resolved by the superintendent.

Trustee McFadden Apologized

Trustee Lashonda McFadden held a press conference at R2i2 yesterday to publicly apologize for her participation in the incident at the special-called board meeting on April 28.

This was honorable conduct by her and should be accepted in the spirit in which it was given.

Teresa Holmes did not attend yesterday's meeting of the Committee of the Whole.