Monday, October 31, 2022

Integrity - hello, Ridge View?

Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching." C. S. Lewis

Are there more than a few people at Ridge View High School who should have read C.S. Lewis, instead of playing video games or watching the sports channels?

One of the candidates in the school board race favors a return to a classical education. 

Vote for Eric Rovelli.

R2 Man of the Year - Matt Sherman

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Matt Sherman, Principal of Blythewood High School, must have had something to do with the fiasco at Ridge View High School. Not to do with it, but knowledge or suspicion about it.

And instead of keeping quiet, as so many would have done, he spoke up.

And he'll pay the price for do so.

But he did the right thing, and he deserves to be backed up by parents, school board members, Richland 2 staff, teachers, coaches and students. 

Thanks, Matt. You are a Man of Integrity.

RVHS Loses Appeal

Did you watch that nonsense of the Ridge View H.S. appeal to the S.C. High School League?

Attorney Bakari Sellers of the Strom Law Firm blew all sorts of smoke at the hearing officials. Lots of distraction and deflection. But that's what lawyers do.

The only thing that matters is if the students did or did not become legal residents with the boundary of Ridge View High School.

It doesn't matter whether any of them is a good player and has a good future.

I wanted to scream at them to speak into the microphones. All of them. And Conlin's mother. Speak INTO the microphone! Even the hearing officers turned to the Ridge View staff and spoke to them, not into the microphones.

Finally one of the hearing officers asked why Richland 2 had not brought its own staff investigator with them to the hearing. Well, I could have answered that one. Because Ridge View didn't want him to testify!

The women from the school in the front row could not be heard.

I was on the phone with the League, asking again for a note to be given to the chairman to ask ALL to speak into microphones. While I was on the phone, they voted. I think they voted to uphold the suspension on the first player and disqualify Ridge View.

Then a hearing officer asked if they still needed to hear the next two appeals. They took a five-minute break and then went back into Executive Session.

When they returned, they voted not to hear the other two appeals. And that was that.