Tuesday, November 1, 2022

The DEI Disaster


Watch this new PragerU video, just released yesterday (Oct. 31, 2022).

When the next DEI meeting is announced at Richland 2 or at your business, insist on five minutes for this video.

Email it to every teacher and administrator at Richland 2 and ask them to watch it and give you their opinion. Here's the PragerU link:    https://www.prageru.com/video/the-dei-disaster or just use the Share button on the PragerU.com website under the video.

Christian Watson gets it exactly right!

Leevy Johnson - a volunteer coach, not employee

It took three requests, but I finally got an answer from Richland 2 about whether Chris Leevy Johnson is a Richland 2 employee.

My first request was through the Let's Talk functionality to Ridge View High School. Ridge View did not respond.

My second request was made after I reported an unsatisfactory result from the Let's Talk program. A woman called from the District and said she'd get me the answer, but it didn't come.

An answer came quickly to my third request, in which I mentioned a FOIA Request would follow if I didn't get an answer.

This answer came:

"Mr. Johnson is a volunteer coach with the Ridge View High School football team. He is not an employee of Richland School District Two nor is Mr. Johnson a chaplain for RVHS or any school. For any adult associated with a team to lead students in prayer anywhere, it would be student-initiated, i.e. a student request for a person to lead a prayer, and anyone who would join in the prayer would do so of their own volition."

What prompted my inquiry? I think it was back in early June when Johnson posted on Facebook that he had started "his job" at Ridge View the day before.

Ridge View Football cheating scandal - your thoughts?

What are your thoughts about the football team cheating scandal at Ridge View High School.

The South Carolina High School League appellate panel determined yesterday that at least one player was not a RVHS resident. That was enough to cost the Blazers all their wins in the entire season.

The panel did not hear the other two players' residency questions.

Read Coach Rosefield's l-o-n-g message dated yesterday, after the SCHSL decision. You won't even know what happened, or why, if all you do is read his message.

Here are some of the questions I've been asked by the Richland 2 community?

Who is the District's unlicensed private investigator?
Who paid for them?
Who authorized having a district employee follow a student?
Have they done this before?
Are they following teachers?
Why wasn’t Davis at the meeting?
Why wasn’t the “investigator” at the meeting?

Who will be held responsible?  The Superintendent? The Asst. Superintendent Suber?  The principal?  The AD? The Coach?

Who is paying for all those lawyers?

Post your own additional questions below. Some of mine are:
- How long has Richland 2 Administration known about this?
- Is the "private investigator" actually an employee in the Safety/Security Department of Richland 2? 
- Where was the breakdown after a football star at a private school outside the District transfers to Ridge View in his senior year?
- Why were there rumors that Ridge View was "recruiting"?
- What did the superintendent know, and when did he know it? 
- Was information held back from the supt., so that he'd have plausible deniability?

And post answers below to any of these questions.

What Does the US Flag mean to you?

(Click  on the Watch on YouTube link.)

Today I received an email with this video in it. Master Sergeant Ray Benavidez delivers a great message.

Watch it and pass it on.

There are other videos on YouTube of Medal of Honor recipient, M/Sgt. Benavidez.