Monday, November 2, 2020

Is this Grading-System Change happening in Richland 2?

"Equality is out and 'equity' is in.

That is the first sentence in an article about the San Diego (Calif.) Unified School District, titled "Discipline Suffers as San Diego Schools Adopt ‘Anti-Racism’ Grading System". This article was publish by The Daily Signal from the Heritage Foundation.

The article, by Jarrett Stepman, author of "The War on History: The Conspiracy to Rewrite America's Past, examines "a change to their grading system that coincides with broader ideas of restorative justice and 'anti-racism'”.

These same buzzwords are popular with the majority of the Richland 2 School Board and the superintendent. Restorative justice. Anti-racism. Systematic racism. Equality. Equity. Diversity. Critical race theory. Cultural Awareness. Let's throw in police brutality, too. And school-to-prison pipeline.

I remember one particular school board meeting when cultural awareness was being discussed. James Shadd said it was important to remember that young, black men just sometimes express themselves with loud voices. I immediately thought to the black kid disrespectfully mouthing off to a white teacher "in a loud voice". Finally, Trustee James Manning stuck up for white teachers. That defense came very late in the discussion and was close to not being said at all.

One candidate for school board this year said that black students are now 70% of the Richland 2 population. Yes, and they are part of the 13% of black population nationally. When they leave the sheltered island of Richland 2, how will they fare in the "real" world?

When those young, black men speak to an employer's supervisor or manager "in a loud voice", they are likely to hear "You're Fired!", instead of, "You know? We understand and sympathize with your ancestry." Should James Shadd's "young, black men" learn what they are doing to their own chances for success in the business world?