Friday, May 7, 2021

Voters on C.R.T. - Thumbs Down

Are you educating yourself on Critical Race Theory (C.R.T.) and The 1619 Project?

Read this excellent article from The Heritage Foundation, titled "Voters in Dallas Suburb Lead Revolt Against Critical Race Theory Curriculum".

When you read words, such as sensitivity training, diversity, inclusion training, equity, anti-racism, your internal radar system should blow a fuse. How often to you read and hear these words in Richland 2 Board Meetings, where the trustees are supposed to be directing the superintendent?

Richland 2 talks and talks and talks about being a premier school district, when it is moving farther and farther toward the liberal end of the seesaw.

How many of the Richland 2 trustees support Critical Race Theory? To what extent do the Administration and Staff support it?

Every time a staff presentation is made to the Board or a Board member blabs on and on about diversity, hundreds of parents should be standing up in board meetings and shouting "NO". 

But right there is the problem. Parents are not showing up for board meetings. Even now seating controls the number and holds it to about 30. You know, "social distancing". 

Keep in mind, too, that there continue to be two illegitimate women on the Board. Amelia McKie and Teresa Holmes still have never taken the oath of office legally! Two and one-half years have passed since they were elected. The issue of the oath of office was first raised in January 2019. 

One of these days they are going to get the "opportunity" to explain to the Justices of the South Carolina Supreme Court why they believe they are not usurping public office. And then the District is going to have to go all the way back to November 13, 2018 and correct every vote by the Board, removing the votes cast by McKie and Holmes. 

The District should recover all monies paid to them as their compensation ($800/month, now for 2½ years) and for their expenses (National and State School Boards Associations memberships, travel, room & board at meetings, etc.) 

Their case will blow up with only two questions:

1. On what date did you take the oath of office? November 13, 2018

2. On what date did you first become eligible to take the oath of office? December 4, 2018

So you took the oath before you were eligible to do so; right? Yes

They will be retroactively removed from the board.

Are there board members who can read and understand S.C. Code of Laws Section 8-13-1110(A)? When they don't continually object to the presence and participation of two illegitimate board members, do they become complicit and culpable in the problem?