Thursday, December 22, 2022

Board Members - how available?

Board members are the executives, elected by the voters, to direct, guide, steer the District. They cannot be subject to the whims of each District resident or employee. 

Board Members should guard their time jealously, receiving communications from interested persons but not feeling bound to reply to every email or return every phone call. 

Only a reasonable numbers of hours per month should be expected from them. Shortening the number of Meeting hours might increase their availability to the public. They cannot have an "open door" policy. They may or may not reply to your emails.

Nonsense from Teresa Holmes


Look at this nonsense on Facebook from former Richland 2 school board member Teresa Holmes. This tripe is posted on her Facebook page titled "Dr. Teresa Holmes, School Board Member Richland Two" and it was published December 1, 2022. That's after her term on the board expired!

Thanks to the citizen who provided this to me. Teresa's page is locked as private, and she has blocked me from reading it. 

Teresa is fully entitled to spew whatever she wants about staying "woke"

First of all, she should not be posting anything after November 21, 2022 that refers to her as a school board member.

In Teresa's world there is her truth and your truth. What she has never acknowledged is that there is The Truth. 

It was Teresa and her crew in the "Core Four" that created the chaos and disorder of the last four years. That time has passed. They are gone. I wished her well in the last election, hoping she would come in no worse that 12th (in a field of 12 candidates for the four positions). Thank goodness, she came in a a clear Fifth and not good enough to make the cut.

Richland Two is being asked to direct Teresa to cease making any reference to current school board membership and to indicate clearly on any media pages that she is a former school board member.

Dec. 13 board meeting still on R2 homepage

Here's what happens when no one is in charge.

Libby Roof left in November. Greg Turchetta doesn't start until January 9.

Why is the December 13th board meeting still on the homepage of the District? It should have been removed on December 14.

Doesn't anyone in the Media Dept. know what to do (or have permission to do it)?

If a school catches on fire while the superintendent is away, does anyone have permission to call the Fire Department?