Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Kudos for Agostini's closing comment

Near the end of last night's marathon board meeting, when Board and Superintendent Comments were begun, Trustee Agostini led the way with, "Good night".

It's too bad everyone else didn't follow her lead.

Especially Teresa Holmes. I lost track at how many times she said "political" and then made snide comments clearly favoring her buddies on The Squad.

Hopefully, Chair Manning will cut off any future politicking by Holmes from her seat on the board. Remember - she still has never taken the oath-of-office legally.

The rest of the board should have forced her to step away from the board or take the oath-of-office legally, after she filed her SEI on December 4, 2018.

Free Lunch? Special Meeting 8/25/22

Yes, Virginia, there is a free lunch.

Whoever said there is  no such thing as a free lunch?

If you stuck around to the end of last night's board meeting and heard what the superintendent had to say in his closing remarks (starting at 3:43:25), you heard him say, among other, usual, elaborate remarks that he has a plan to provide free lunch from the General Fund to students who don't qualify for free and reduced-price lunch.

The superintendent continues to be a man who, if something can be said in a few words, will take a few hundred words to say it.

There will be a Special-Called Board Meeting on Thursday, August 25th, at 5:30PM to discuss meal funding. Chair Manning said he will allow for public input. The agenda provides for Public Participation.

What will that meeting cost the District? Six trustees at $340 and one chair at $400, plus staff? Looks like $2,440 plus dinner plus employee and security time. For a deal that the superintendent should be figuring out and just presenting to the board for a decision. Sheesh!!!

Manning thanked the staff. How many were there last night? Twenty? For what reason?

What a waste of resources to have so many Richland 2 staff at board meetings? Why isn't any board member addressing that waste?

Employee Grievance - how resolved?

On the agenda for last night's board meeting (8/23/2022) was Item 16.2 Employee Grievance, which was to be heard in Executive Session 2.

At 3:33:40 on the Livestream recording of the meeting, Chair Manning said "Item 17.1 is not needed. We were able to resolve that without a vote". 

Slight error there. Item 16.1 is the Grievance, scheduled for Executive Session 2. If Manning knew at the beginning of the meeting that the Grievance had been resolved, then the Agenda for the meeting should have been amended to remove that item.

To state merely that the item was no longer needed is a failure in transparency.

A second item (16.3) Superintendent Evaluation Process was on the agenda for Executive Session 2. Manning blew right by that without mentioning it. What happened to that item?

Why did no Trustee question that?