Friday, January 6, 2023

"Work Expands To Fill the Time Allotted"

 You've heard that time-proven statement; right?

The school board proved it again last night.

The board went into Executive Session at 5:46PM and re-convened in open, public session at 9:23PM. Last night's recording (Livestream) was 4:03:08. That's OVER four hours. 

To all those who showed up expecting the board to fire the superintendent. Tough luck. You shouldn't have fallen for Manning's trick when he threw bloody meat into the water for all you sharks.

Nor should you have fallen for Chris Leevy Johnson bait. 

Be sure to thank them for wasting your Thursday evening.

Good thing that Joe Trapp moved to pull "board superintendent relations" from the Executive Committee agenda. Otherwise, you'll still be sitting there.

The board should establish not only a starting time for meetings (and then start on time), but it should decide on an Ending Time.

Set a meeting length of 90 minutes and work against a Countdown Timer. When people get long-winded and repetitive, cut 'em off.