Monday, October 19, 2020

Who is stealing signs?

About three weeks ago I put out 60 signs for one of the candidates for the Richland 2 school board. Today I put out another 50.

I noticed that some of the previous signs were gone and at least one was torn into 5-6 pieces that were left on the roadside. 

If you see anyone tampering with, defacing or removing signs, call the Sheriff's Department. Get a description of the car and a license plate, and try to get a good look at the driver and passengers. 

While I was out, I stood up another candidate's signs that had been pulled out of the ground and reported to one candidate for State Senate that three of his signs by Rice Creek Elementary School were pulled out of their metal frames and left on the ground. The frames were taken.

Since there are only two candidates on the ballot for State Senate 22, gee, I wonder whose friends or campaign workers damaged Lee Blatt's signs!!!

Be sure to vote for Lee Blatt!!!

And here's an idea for the school board race. If you really only like one, vote only for that one. Then two other candidates won't have higher totals that might bump your favorite candidate.