Tuesday, May 5, 2020

COVID-19 Testing May 6-8

You can tell it's election season right around the bend.

The first email I received about the three days of free COVID-19 testing at Rice Creek Elementary came from State Sen. Mia McLeod. The second came from State Rep. Ivory Thigpen.

I may be the only person in the Richland 2 School District who wonders WHY this is being done at Rice Creek Elementary.

Schools are closed right? Presumably, the buildings have been deep-cleaned and sanitized.

Now Rice Creek Elementary will be the site of COVID-19 testing. Is this outside, drive-through only? Or will possible carriers of the virus be admitted into the school building? The announcement reads Drive-Thru and Walk-Up.

I don't recall hearing any mention at a school board meeting, when the Administration requested approval from the Board to permit this use of the building, especially since it is related to the pandemic about which many are worried.

The current school board has turned far too much discretionary authority over to the Administration.

Was this use of Rice Creek Elementary discussed at the April 28, 2020 Regular Meering?

If it was, the public will not know it, because the Zoom recording of the meeting has not been published by the District on YouTube or on the District's website.

Monday morning I emailed Supt. Davis to ask when it would be posted. As of now, he has not replied. Did the District botch the recording? If it didn't, is there a reason it is being withheld?

Remember all the hoopla surrounding the announcement that Zoom technology was going to be used and how the public would be able to watch a recording of the meeting?.While it was possible to watch it if you tuned in during the time for the meeting, it should be posted afterwards for those who didn't or who couldn't.

Maybe I'll hear from the Supt. or the Board Chair or someone else on Wednesday. Or maybe it will be posted on Wednesday.

NOTE: Will the doors of the school remained locked? Will no one be allowed to enter the school - for any reason, including bathroom use?