Friday, March 24, 2023

Bets anyone? 3/28/23 Board Meeting - 5 hours?

Look at the agenda for the 3/28/2023 board meeting. Note that a second Executive Session already has one item in it.

I predict that the 3/28/2023 meeting will be at least five hours. The board will convene at 5:30PM, go into executive session, and then re-convene in open session at 6:30PM.

I estimate that the agenda will require the board to stay awake until 10:30PM, plus the drive home. Prove me wrong.

Not only the board will have to stay awake. The numerous staff members who are required to show up for "face time" will have to struggle to look interested. I don't know why the Chair and the Superintendent don't eliminate attendance for most of the staff. If they have an active role in the meeting, they need to be there. Or they could be available by phone for the ten minutes they are needed.

Do those staffers get overtime or compensatory time?

If they don't have a role during the meeting, then somebody could clue them in for that small portion of the meeting that pertains to their function, and they could watch that on the Livestream recording.

And then there are the deputies from the Sheriff's Department who are hired to be there, and ALL the security staff who are paid to be there. How much is that (waste) costing the District?

Any ordinary business would have all that security there only if needed. But, since Richland 2 is a school district with a huge budget and piggy bank, all that unnecessary security is there because it's your money being spent, not the money of a District employee.

$1,000,000 CrisisAlert System

At the last school board meeting I told the board that I'd prefer they spend $1,000,000 on a Crisis Prevention Program than on a Crisis Alert Program. 

At the time I did not know what they had up their sleeves.

The cat is out of the bag now. With the publication of the agenda for the March 28th board meeting, Item 9.1 is a Safety/Security Update: Centigix Crisis Alert Badges and the attachment.

This is Unfinished Business - No Action Requested. I haven't paid as close attention to agendas this year as before, and I don't remember a previous board discussion about this program.

Look at this Program and form your own opinion.