Saturday, February 27, 2021

How Long is a "Moment"?

At every Richland 2 school board meeting there is an "Inspirational Moment", followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

At the February 23, 2021 board meeting I thought the introduction for the inspirational moment was going to longer than the moment itself.

Trustee-elect McKie blew the invitation to the speaker of the moment by failing to inform him of the correct time of the moment, which quickly follows the beginning of the meeting. The speaker didn't arrive on time, and McKie 'fessed up, in not so few words.

After he did arrive, she launched into a long-winded introduction, half of which was her repeated mea culpa and lecturing of the public on how they need to know who the speaker is. Finally, she told the world who the speaker was.

The Board Chair should regain control of board meetings and remove McKie (actually, she is not even a legitimate member of the Board) as the person who introduces the speaker. You'd think she was in the running for the Toastmaster's Award for public speaking! 

All she really needed to say was, "Tonight's inspirational moment will be given by Robert Jackson, Principal of Westwood High School"

If you think any introduction of a speaker and even his own comments should be shorter at every meeting, email the Board Chair and all the members of the board. You'll find their email addresses at

Or, for your convenience, just copy-and-paste these into your email form:,,,,,,, 

Yes, those two gmail addresses are correct. The District improperly allows two people (Elkins (now Scott) and Holmes) to use non-District email addresses, which is likely to create huge problems in the future with fulfilling FOIA requests.