Sunday, October 1, 2023

Cancel Meal Plan Debt?

Just when I thought stupidity had hit its limit in Congress, now comes Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) with a plan to knock out all school meal plan debt.

You know you can trust a guy who wears shorts and a hoodie to the U.S. Senate; right?

About as much as you can trust a guy who pulls a Fire Alarm and says he thought it would open a locked door.

Here's the Philpott Plan to abolish school meal plan debt in Richland 2. It's simple.

Tell the debtors that they have 30 days to pay the debt or the District will send their bill to collection.

That reminds me. What did Richland 2 do about the $500,000 in meal plan debt? That sure fell off the radar. The District should have taken it out of Davis' settlement, since he was the one who let it grow.

Maybe somebody will post the answer below in a comment. Or file a FOIA request.