Monday, May 2, 2022

Any chance of this in Richland 2?

Gender identity? Gender confusion? Gender transition?

Is there any chance that there is any gender-change guidance or coaching being provided to students in any Richland 2 schools without parents' knowledge and consent?

Read this FoxNews article that was published today:  Florida mom filing suit after child transitioned at school without her consent: 'Happening all over' US

With all the emphasis on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Richland 2, could this be part of the deal? Are there "gender closets" in any Richland 2 schools?

The first way to find out is to know your children. Watch for shifts in conversations, words used, how they are acting, how they are dressing, who their friends are.

Another way is to ask the teachers of your children. Ask them specifically. And then follow up your conversation with an email that confirms your understanding of the conversation. Ask them to confirm your understanding or to correct you.

Next, speak with the school's principal. Send the same confirming email.

If your child has a transgender teacher, watch for any classroom indoctrination that might be taking place.

A Richland 2 teacher called me a few weeks ago to express high concern about what is happening in that teacher's school. That teacher is very concerned about the high suicide rate among transgender youth and doesn't want it happening here.

How is the District leading the way by allowing staff to show "personal pronouns" in their official correspondence? 

Frankly, it is downright stupid for a female employee with a common female name to show personal pronouns of "she/her" in her signature block. Is anyone on the planet going to think she is not a female?

Let's use the Special Assistance to the School Board as an example. She is Christine Lewis. A very nice person, I am told. In her signature block she includes "Pronouns: she/her". WHY? Is there doubt in anyone's mind that Christine Lewis is female? Now, if she gave her name as Chris Lewis, one would not immediately know whether she is male or female; in that case, she could put (Ms.) or (Miss) in front of her name.

This is Woke-creep, and it should be stopped in its tracks!

Who sets the rules for employees of the District? The superintendent. With the board chair's advice to parents to "Stay woke", is there more than a little to worry about?