Thursday, September 22, 2022

Requests for Sept. 27th Board Meeting

The agenda for the September 27th board meeting has not been published yet. It is often published on the Thursday prior to the meeting, so it will likely be published tomorrow (Friday).

Requests by the public or by board members (after a board meeting) are made to the board chair and the superintendent, who decide on agenda items.

Today Trustee Lashonda McFadden requested the following items added to the September 27th agenda:

1. Disbanding the Safety & Security Committee

2. Board Member participation in CUBE Conference

3. Discussion of the report of the gun confiscated at Spring Valley High School, including the reports from the school, the District Office, and the Sheriff's Department.

Will Manning and the superintendent place these items on the agenda?

Terrance Staley for R2 School Board


Introducing Terrance Staley, candidate for Richland 2 School Board.

I met Terrance just before the September 13th school board meeting. He's a quiet, humble man, and I'm sure he'd much rather talk about how great others are than speak about himself.

I'll be providing more information about him as election day nears.

In the meantime, watch him and listen to his remarks at the Sept. 13th school board meeting. Click here ( for the recording of that meeting 

Fast-forward to 1:43:25 for his remarks.

Terrance deserves your most serious consideration for one of your four votes in this school board race on November 8. Be sure to get acquainted with him.