Friday, July 14, 2023

Two key positions now vacant

Check out this page on the District's website - Senior Leadership.

There are now two key positions vacant.
1. Sr. Chief Officer for Finance and Operations
2. Sr. Chief Officer for Human Resources

Who occupied those positions?
1. Harry Miley
2. Shawn Williams

The new superintendent started July 3, 2023. Today is July 14, 2023.

Did they resign or were they given their walking papers? Was there any mention of their departure at the July 11th board meeting?

Williams was very recently recognized as the 2021-2022 South Carolina Personnel Administrator of the Year by the South Carolina Association of School Administrators (SCASA).

Dr. Harry Miley was recognized by the South Carolina Association of School Business Officials as the Outstanding School Business Official.

The credentials of Miley and Williams have already been purged from the District's website.

If they were fired, how did the new superintendent complete a full, fair, and complete evaluation of their employment history and performance in such a short period of time?

Who is in charge in their absence? Does the District have employees capable of moving right into those positions without skipping a beat in the work getting done?

Earlier this year the board withheld ratification of five key employment contracts. Those two were among the five. If you have an employment contract with the District and it is not ratified, is that the same as getting fired? Dd the Board decide to kick them to the curb? 

The other interesting note (for me) is the weblink associated with the information on the page. Clearly, the senior leadership of the District is a group of administrators who are not assistant superintendents for schools.