Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Administration pulling a fast one?

At the December 3rd Special Called Board Meeting, Board Chair James Manning sent Policy JICI - Weapons In Schools back to staff for more work.

The proposed revision to JICI was discussed during a first reading on December 3rd. Since it was sent back to staff for more work, the normal procedure would be for the staff to re-work the policy revision in accordance with the Board's discussion and guidance, and then present the further-revised Policy JICI for a second reading, not for a vote.

BUT ... attached to the Agenda for tonight's meeting, December 10th, is an unchanged JICI and it is on the agenda for a vote as Item 11.22 "Old Business - Action Requested".

The proposed revision to Board Policy JICI is exactly the same (Draft 19) that was attached to last week's agenda.

In other words, Richland 2 Administration made NO changes whatsoever and will try to float the same old boat past the Board tonight.

The Board should get to the bottom of this tonight and demand to be told exactly how this happened.

The version of JICI being presented attempts to criminalize legal actions and also places adult students at risk of expulsion, even though they are not violating state law. All because of a groundless fear of guns by too many on this district's board.