Tuesday, January 17, 2023

IG Report Committee Meeting 1/18/2023

The Special Committee on the I.G.'s Report is scheduled to meet on Wednesday, January 17, 2023, at 6:00PM. 

The announcement, which appeared only on the school board agenda webpage, fails to announce the location - a FOIA requirement.

Members of the Special Committee are Richland 2 board members Tamika Washington (committee chair), Niki Porter and Joe Trapp.

Too bad that the Committee meeting will not be livestreamed. The public is more than interested. I wonder if the committee tried to get it livestreamed.

The public is reminded that you can record the meeting; it is a meeting of a committee of a public body. You could even publish it on Facebook LIVE, if you want to.

[Updated 1/18/2023, 12:06PM]

1/17/2023 Opening

Opening of this afternoon's board meeting?


Give the Chair a big whip!

At 10:15PM the Executive Session is still in progress. There are 265 viewers who are hanging on, waiting to hear nothing when the meeting is over. 

How many people are there in person?

Board is Correct to Understand Supt. Contract

Another school board meeting will be held for the purpose of receiving legal advice regarding the superintendent's contract. That meeting is this afternoon, Jan. 17, at 4:30PM.

And why not?

Is there some reason that the Board should not understand his multi-year contract? It represents a $1,000,000 obligation of the District - three-and-one-half  years of employment (School Years 2022-2023, 2023-2024, 2024-2025, 2025-2026) plus a severance package of 18 months' pay.

What company with $1 Billion in Assets and a $300,000,000+ Annual Budget would not want its board to understand the contract with its CEO or keyman?

Former board member and former chair James Manning waved a red flag at media earlier this month, when he surmised that the board was about to fire Baron Davis.

Now Hamilton R. Grant used yesterday's Martin Luther King, Jr. Day celebration to defend Davis. See his post on Facebook on January 16.

Grant was "with" Terrance Cummings and Chris Leevy Johnson on Facebook when he published a long post linking Dr. King and Davis. Grant referred to Davis as "stellar", "nationally awarded", "beloved, homegrown and proven exemplary leader". Grant also wrote, "Davis has earned the respect of educators and academicians across the world." 

Come on, man.

Grant asked, "... is a stellar leader as Davis next on the preverbal [sic] chopping block?"

What is a "preverbal" chopping block?

It is the Board's right and duty to understand Davis' contract.