Sunday, August 16, 2020

Mail, email go unanswered

 Why does Richland School District Two's board chair, James Shadd, fail to respond to mail and email?

On July 4 I emailed James Shadd. In addition to congratulating him on his election as Board Chair, I expressed disappointment in the June 30 Facebook posting by his long-time friend, Pastor Chris Leevy Johnson. Johnson had posted a racial slur on Facebook, referring to Board colleague Lindsay Agostini as "KAREN". I also expressed disappointment that Tameika Isaac Devine forwarded Johnson's slur to Shadd.

I reminded him that McKie and Holmes have never taken the oath of office legally and requested a meeting with him to discuss that.

No reply.

On July 27 I sent Shadd a letter by Certified Mail-Return Receipt Requested. It was delivered to District 2 on July 31, and I received the green card on August 1. The letter was delivered to Agent, who signed for it as "Covid-19".

On August 2 I emailed Shadd, asking for the identity of "Covid-19"  No response.

Shadd has not responded to the July 27 letter, in which I suggested that he, as a lawyer, would understand S.C. Code of Laws 8-13-1110(A) and that McKie and Holmes still had not taken the oath of office legally.

I also suggested that he, as a lawyer and officer of the court, might have an obligation to correct the problem being caused by McKie and Holmes usurping public office. Usurping occurs when any person " intrude(s) into, or unlawfully hold(s) or exercise(s) any public office" (S.C. Code of Laws 15-63-60). Does Shadd have a legal obligation, as a lawyer holding the position as Board Chair, to cause McKie and Holmes to take the oath of office or cease sitting at the board?

On August 10 I emailed Shadd to ask if he had received my July 27 letter. No response.

In the absence of a reply from Shadd or the District, I filed a FOIA request on August 11 for the identity of "Covid-19" and for the name of the District's employee who delivered my July 27 Certified Mail letter to Shadd. The FOIA Response from the District is expected by August 25.

I remember telling the board, in person, in February or March, 2019, that this issue (about McKie and Holmes being on the board illegally) is not going away. When will it go away? It will go away when they take the oath of office legally or cease sitting at the board.

Who else is concerned about the full legality of the seven-member Board?