Monday, March 30, 2020

Who runs District 2? The S.C. School Boards Assn.???

The agenda for tomorrow's School Board meeting has changed.

A media release today revealed more information about the trap being sprung on the public tomorrow night.

If you've read recent articles here, the Board was going to be asked by Adminstration to approve undisclosed revision(s) to Board Policy BEDH (Public Participation) on a first reading, and the attachment explaining that was omitted from the original agenda.

Now we know. Now we know what the Board Chair and the Superintendent knew last week when they put together the agenda for the March 31, 2020 Regular Meeting.

The attachment with the proposed revision still is not attached to the agenda, but the revised agenda explains it. Of course, you can't tell that it is a revised agenda, because the revision is not so noted on it. Here it is.

"Per the recommendation of the S.C. School Board Association in light of the global health emergency, the board will consider a recommendation to suspend Policy BEDH Public Participation At Meetings."

There is no state-wide order to limit group size of attendance at "law-abiding businesses". The School Board could be considered such a "law-abiding business" (except for those times when it doesn't follow the law).

While limited public attendance to a meeting might be a good idea, the Administration asks the Board to lay it off on the S.C. School Boards Association (SCSBA). The Board should take full responsibility on its own shoulders and not try to slough this off on the SCSBA.

EVERY member of the Richland 2 Board should vote NO on this - for several reasons.

It is the public to which the Board is responsible.

The SCSBA does not run Richland School District Two!!!

The Board could create social-distancing with proper placement of chairs in the board meeting room and limit - but not prohibit - public attendance.

Public Participation is still on the agenda, and the board should hear from the public - in public.