Sunday, March 5, 2023

Safe and Secure PSA - Thoughts?

Watch the new, short Safe and Secure PSA on the District's website. It's  production of Richland 2. 

And that's exactly what it is - a "production". 

Do you think it will stop one kid from taking a gun or a knife to school?

I am writing to the Trustees today to ditch that ineffective BeSMART M.O.U. that Baron Davis put together and to get serious about a plan and a program to make Richland 2 schools safe.

It's not metal detectors at every door. It's not drug K-9s sniffing their way through the halls. It's not dumb, "professional", glitzy PSAs like the one currently on the District's website.

"Another... another... another..." Whose idea was that???

Watch the PSA. Email your opinions to the school board and the interim superintendent.