Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Take gun to school = real stupidity

WLTX.com (News 19) reported today that a 15-year-old at Blythewood High School had a gun at school. 

How absolutely stupid.

What's wrong with kids these days?

The Principal should recommend expulsion.

The Superintendent should approve it.

The Board should meet for two minutes and approve it.

No excuses. No explanation. Zero tolerance. Assuming the student is male, out he goes on his backside.

Charge him as an adult and release his name and photo. 

Source: www.wltx.com/article/news/crime/15-year-old-charged-with-bringing-gun-marijuana-to-school-south-carolina/101-d94112a4-bbe3-4029-b224-e6e7fda7a4d2

Great job, Trustees

The Trustees of Richland School District Two are doing a great job. They have hit the ground running.

They are actually doing something. Yes, there is a learning curve. Yes, some of them are catching up on parliamentary procedures. Yes, some of them don't have a corporate background or a financial background. But they are working hard and they are working together.

They are putting in many hours on behalf of the students, staff, teachers, and the public. And they aren't complaining. They aren't running off to WIS-TV or The State newespaper.

Note the unanimous decision to accept Baron Davis' resignation.

Will the public accept that it was a true resignation? Davis doesn't strike me as a guy who would get forced to do anything. Was his resignation negotiated? If so, why not? 

Some have written on Facebook about "discrimination" and "forced resignation". Where could the discrimination come from? Do those wags mean "racial discrimination"? Do they realize that five of the trustees are black?

This board (the one since Nov. 21, 2022) is color-blind; i.e., they are not making decisions based on race or color. They made a business decision to accept Davis' resignation. 

So, why did he resign? Did they ask him if he would follow the directions of the board? What was his answer? 

The terms of his resignation are not yet public. We'll probably all be surprised at the terms. How much will he be paid for leaving that board meeting unemployed? Somewhere between pay to the end of the school year (6½ months) and $1,180,000.