Friday, May 31, 2019

Ridge View HS teacher quits

Local news is reporting that the Ridge View High School teacher who was involved in a classroom fight on May 28 has quit.

At least one media outlet reported that a deputy told the kid's mother that she could file charges. Well, what do you think she said?

Her sweet, little boy would never cause a problem at school, would he?

Maybe, instead of metal detectors at entrances, there should be video-cameras in every classroom!!!

The deputy should have investigated the full incident and then charged the one who started it. Media is reporting that the kid shoved the teacher. OK, if that is what started it, then ONE person gets charged - the kid!!!

What do you think happens in a classroom and a school, when a kid shoves a teacher and gets away with it? He'll be strolling around with his pants down to his knees, acting like King of the Jungle.

I've written before about the Culturally Relevant Pedagogy brainchild of CSU's Prof. Gloria Boutte.

Is a teacher supposed to just understand that some "children" grow up pushing others around or, as Board Trustee James Shadd, "speak loudly"? And that makes it okay in a classroom?

NO, it does not! While no teacher (white or black) should ever have to defend himself from a student, he also should not be required to stand down if attacked.

The teacher will get a good lawyer and sue the District.

The student's family will get a lawyer and sue the District.

For the District, it's lose-lose.