Wednesday, February 15, 2023

At every school?

As I arrived at R2i2 last night for the school board meeting, three small flags greeted me. Are these at every school in the Richland 2 school district?

Were they placed with permission? Who paid for them?

I wondered whether there is a Board Policy or Administrative Rule (AR) about such displays. 

Frankly, I've wondered how Black History Month ever got its start - and why. History should include information about the successes and failures of men and women, regardless of color. Why is there an entire month to focus just on black history?

What if there is a Board Policy or AR at Richland 2 that prohibits such flags or other displays? Of what is "Black History Month" a symbol? Is this about color or race? Does a month for black history increase or decrease the racial divide in the United States?

Is there a White History Month? Brown History Month? Red History Month? Yellow History Month?

Comments, anyone?

In their closing comments last night, several board members mentioned Black History Month. You can listen to their comments near the end of the recording of the meeting.