Sunday, June 5, 2022

Can/Should Richland 2 Bully a Citizen?

Richland 2 School District rivals the Federal Government with Board Policies and Administrative Rules.

If you have insomnia some night, go to   At the top right corner, click on EXPLORE. Then click on School Board. Then click on BOARD POLICIES. 

In the left column, you see Sections A, B, C, D, E, F, G, I, J, K, L and ADDITONAL INFORMATION OF INTEREST.

What you won't see is Section H.

You'd think the Board would follow its Policies; right? And you'd think that Administration would follow Administrative Rules; right?

What happens when the Administration abuses an Administrative Rule? NOTHING!

Consider AR KI-R. That's Administrative Rule KI-R, which is found in Section KI Visitors. In particular, look at the section for "No Trespass" Notices.

Read the wording carefully. It reads, in part, 

"... (Security staff) assigned to work at a school or event may issue a verbal or written "no trespass" notice for the school facility ..."

It states "for the school facility". That's singular. That's for one (1) facility. Is there any interpretation of "the facility" that could mean "more than one" or "all"?

Now how does the School District bully a parent or community member?

The Trespass Notice issued by and signed by the Director of Safety & Security bans the alleged offending party from "ALL [sicRichland School District Two properties, facilities, campuses and buildings". This includes the Sandhills Library, which leases its space from Richland 2. 

Administrative staff refuse to discuss this abuse of AR KI-R with me. They refuse to explain why they believe they can ban me from ALL properties, not just R2i2.

I have filed a formal complaint with the Board Chair. She refuses to process it, as required in Board Policy KE. Recent emails go unanswered.

It appears my only recourse is to haul Richland 2 into court. 

The Trespass Notice expires on June 30, 2022 at 11:59PM. Should I spend money to fight Richland 2? On principle, I should. However, I would expect the District, in possession of millions of taxpayer dollars, to bury me in legal motions, in order to run up my legal expense which I, not they, pay. They would spend your money to defend a position that cannot be defended.

The Board Chair, the three other board members in the majority, the superintendent, and the director of safety & security blocked me from attending the February 22, 2022 board meeting, when my grievance was heard in executive session and voted on in open session. 

Should Richland 2 get away with bullying me and any other person to whom the Trespass Notice was improperly broadened to apply to ALL properties, not just "the" (one) building?