Saturday, October 1, 2022

Bad side of online registration to speak

What is one major, possible, bad aspect of the new online registration to speak that is required of members of the public who wish to address the Richland 2 school board?

Suppose someone in Administration, or with influence over the Administration, decided that a certain member of the public should be blocked from speaking. Maybe that member of the public has been pointing out many errors and faults of the board and the District. Maybe the District would like to silence that person.

All that would be needed now would be to block that person's registration to speak at a meeting or, worse, accept the registration and block him or her from the list that the board chair uses to call speakers to the microphone.

If that ever happens to you, make sure you email the entire board AND let me know so that I can publicize it here. 

Also, stand up in the meeting and call out, "I registered to speak, and you haven't called on me." You should be able to get those words out before the chair summons Security to remove you.

It "probably" won't happen at the next two board meetings, and you can be more sure that it won't happen after the new board is seated.

The tide will definitely shift on November 8th. The Woke element of the board will be gone.