Sunday, March 19, 2023

Why Two Meetings at the Same Time?

With many days and hours available in March for the two first committees of the school board to meet, why are they meeting at the same time on Tuesday, March 21?

The first committee to announce March 21 at 6:00PM was the Safety Committee of the school board.

Then the Inspector General Recommendations Committee picked exactly the same date and time for its March meeting!

This demonstrates very poor regard for the public and even for the committee members of the other committee who might wish to sit in on the other's meeting.

Of course, should even one of them decide to attend, that would create a quorum under State law and present a legal problem for the School Board.

Although Richland 2 decided that quorum is five board members (for the purpose of terminating a superintendent), there is still that pesky South Carolina statute that says a quorum is four.

Scheduling the meetings on the same date and at the same time prevents a member of the community, parent, teacher, staff member, or student from attending both meetings. Let's hope this does not happen again!

Ilya Shapiro for R2 Superintendent

Credit - Fox News Digital

Should Richland 2 quickly contact Ilya Shapiro and consider him for the job of Superintendent?

Read this FoxNews article about Professor Shapiro, who commented on the stupidity (my term) of the Stanford Law students when they interfered with a speaking engagement that invited Federal Circuit Court Judge Kyle Duncan to campus.

The woke crowd at Stanford shouted him down. Worse, DEI associate dean Tirien Steinbach supported them and further disrespected Judge Duncan.

Read what Prof. Shapiro, formerly with Georgetown Law, has to say.

What if Richland 2 had a leader like Prof. Shapiro? Would he correct the years of DEI leanings in Richland 2?