Thursday, March 18, 2021

Jamie Raub brings up old, inaccurate newspaper article

Does anyone read the website for northeast Columbia information?

There was quite a thread about pit bulls this week and it finally got shut down.

Today a resident in the Jacob's Creek neighborhood complained about kids cutting across her lawn and littering. I added what I thought would be read as a sarcastic comment that she should chain up a pit bull in her front yard.

Then someone I don't know, Jamie Raub of Briarcliffe Estates, decided to take a pot shot at me with

"What a shocker...Gus Philpott you continue to show what a class act you are"

I replied to her:

"Jamie Raub Thank you for referencing that Post & Courier article of 3/29/2019. I had not seen it before. The article contains numerous incorrect statements. Notably, I did NOT say, "Having not filed, they should not take office, as both were not properly elected,” What I did say was, "Thus, having not filed the required statement (SEI), neither was eligible to take office." Check the school board 3/12/19 meeting video at 32:30."

I tried to add "I will contact the reporter. I considered having Ms. Holmes charged with filing a false police report, but I decided not to do so. If you are interested in the correct story, see 

"McKie and Holmes are still illegitimately on the Richland 2 School Board. They have never taken the oath of office legally.

"So, I wonder, are you interested in Facts or the Truth? Are laws important?" 

but NextDoor didn't like it the rest of my comment.

I reviewed the video of the March 12, 2019, school board meeting and realized that was two years ago.

What has the Richland 2 School District done to correct the problem? Absolutely nothing.

One statement of mine stood out. I told the board that if they did not fix the problem, then they were complicit in allowing McKie and Holmes to continue as board members.

When board members knowingly and wilfully disregard laws, I believe they have no coverage under Officers and Directors Liability Insurance purchased by the District. They will be on their own and will have to defend themselves at personal expense.

The legal option open to me is to, at my personal expense, get leave from a Circuit Court judge and then file legal action against McKie and Holmes at the S.C. Supreme Court for usurping public office. 

It should be an open-and-shut case, because their Oath of Office affidavit is dated three weeks before the date of their Statements of Economic Interests Reports.

My thanks to Jamie Raub for bringing this up.