Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Why Did Richland 2 hire Chris Leevy Johnson?

Why did Richland 2 hire Chris Leevy Johnson as a sports coach at Ridge View High School?

He's a preacher at Brookland Baptist Church Northeast, on Summit Parkway near Hard Scrabble Road. Isn't that a full-time job? Oh, and preacher at the church Baron attends, so I hear.

Was he one of Baron's "100 Premier Men of Color" hires?

Was he the best candidate? Even the best black candidate?

Did he get a hiring bonus?

Will he keep his preaching and "Chaplain" duties entirely off-campus?

Will he be recruiting for his church? I think that's called proselytizing.

Chris criticized a campaign ad for four candidates (Smalls, Nash, Moody, Trapp) that used the Richland 2 flame. Libby Roof jumped all over that use of a Richland 2 "Service Mark".

I haven't seen any complaints from Chris about his good friend's use of this ad:

What's false in Teresa's ad? Claiming to be School Board Chair. Her term as Chair ended on June 30, 2022, before she ever filed for re-election.

On Facebook Chris throws around terms like neo-conservatives and "MAGA-MAFIA". He doesn't even know the difference between "lose" and "loose". And then he spews "the truth will set you free."

Holmes owes R2 $2,529.27. Maybe more

Current trustee-elect Teresa Holmes, who has never taken the oath of office legally for the current 2018-2022 term, and candidate for election on November 8 owes Richland School District Two $2,529.27.

This is the amount paid for, or reimbursed to, her in excess of her $7,000 annual allowance for training and travel for the School Year 2021-2022. 

Who approved payment of the excess? Supt. Baron Davis.

Why would he, the superintendent, authorize a payment in excess of an approved allowance?

Somebody, way down in the Accounts Payable section, must have flagged Holmes' over-spending. Holmes had exhausted her training allowance on March 25, 2021; then she was already over her allowance by $99.43.

Yet the superintendent approved another $1,504.12 and $925.72. And after that Holmes may have gone to Myrtle Beach "on business".

It was wrong of Holmes to submit requests for reimbursements in excess of the $7,000 allowance, and it was wrong of Davis to approve them!

Will the District make a claim on Holmes for repayment? If she doesn't pay, will it attempt to collect the $2,529.27? Will she pay it?