Saturday, August 21, 2021

Next School Board Election - Nov. 2022

The next Richland 2 school board election will be November 1, 2022. NOW is the time to start thinking about candidates.

Whose terms are up? Holmes, McKie, Caution-Parker, Manning.

Whose terms run to November 2024? Agostini, Scott (Elkins), McFadden.

Imagine a school board without Holmes, McKie, Caution-Parker and Manning. Imagine a school board of leaders. Leaders, LEADERS. With intellect. With wisdom. With business experience. With integrity.

Manning had done a pretty good job until recently. Now he seems to be rolling right along with The Squad.

Holmes and McKie aren't even legitimate members of the school board. They were elected on November 6, 2018 and became eligible to take the oath of office on December 4, 2018. They have never taken the oath after becoming eligible to take it. The S.C. Supreme Court should kick them out as usurpers and forbid their holding public office in the future.

McKie shouldn't hold office until she pays off her $57,000 debt to the S.C. Ethics Commission.

Today we are seeing the "Holmes' Rules of Order" for running the school board. Or perhaps Rules of Disorder. Last Monday night's (August 16, 2021) crass shutdown by Holmes of Agostini's legitimate question about informing the public about a legal opinion to be sought was a clear example of "Holmes' Rules".

Mrs. Agostini is strong. She can take the disrespect that Holmes' dishes out. And she is professional enough not to argue, although in many cases she should. No one else will stand up to Holmes when she is wrong. And Holmes is often wrong. That's Wrong, with a capital W.

With the current make-up of the board, Agostini will lose the argument every time. She knows that Holmes, McKie, Caution-Parker and Manning will vote against her. Sometimes, Scott and McFadden will, too.

In November 2022 taxpayers should elect strong, independent-thinking, business-oriented, competent candidates to the next Board. Board members have a fiduciary responsibility, and the current majority on the board is acting too much like the Congress in Washington.

Fight in stands delays 1st game in new stadium

Last night's opening game in the new Ridge View High School football stadium was marred by up to three fights in the stands.

Richland 2 built a new multi-million dollar stadium and punks spoil it for all? What the heck?

Let's hope that Richland 2 is completely transparent about who was involved and who was responsible for the fights. Were they Ridge View students or Westwood? Prosecution should be demanded, and instigators and aggessors should be kicked out of school, if they are Richland 2 students. 

Let's have some clear pictures of the punks. How did those security camera work out? Did they capture everything and everybody?

If it happens again, the stadium should be closed and sit empty for a year.

The Trustees and the Administration need to put their feet down hard and say, "No more!!!"

And what's up with everybody running away? Why didn't those around swarm the miscreants and pound them to the ground and hold them for the deputies?

Who Will Challenge Supreme Court filing?

Who will challenge the case about Proviso 1.108 that has been filed in the S.C. Supreme Court on behalf of Richland 2?

The Board did not authorize that legal action. Who grabbed the ball and ran? Who will admit to the Board at the Regular Meeting on August 24 that he authorized the filing without Board approval?

Who searched diligently and found the law firms of Solomon Law Group and Williams and Williams? Did the attorney for the school board say, "Here are two personal-injury law firms who will do it for free?" 

Why would you give that type of legal work to law firms whose websites reflect no experience in school board matters? (There is a precedent for that.)

Which board members will be outraged on Tuesday night? 

Will Manning? Scott? McFadden? Agostini? Holmes? McKie? Caution-Parker?

I guess I ought to leave Holmes and McKie out of that question, since they are not legitimate board members.