Sunday, September 22, 2019

May 1 and Red4Ed

Remember the May 1st teacher's "strike" and how it affected Richland 2 schools? Just last week I watched again the April 30 school board meeting on YouTube and heard the words of the school trustees. Pitiful...

Today I came across this article titled "The NEA’s radical agenda: coming to a school near you"  You can read the article at

To whet your appetite, are you concerned about

1. a $15.00/hour minimum wage for all staff?
2. White Fragility?
3. Promoting Black Lives Matter?
4. Teaching Climate Change?
5. union-friendly teaching resources?
6. Ending Criminalization of Border Crossings
7. Lobbying for LGBTQ Curricula?
8. US Government Must Accept Responsibility for Creating Immigration Crisis?

There is considerable concern about the left-leaning nature of today's teachers and a suspicion that they are indoctrinating their students with their own beliefs, rather than teaching critical-thinking skills so that students learn to make up their own minds.

Read the platform of the National Education Association (NEA).  If these point concern you, watch for them in your child's class, homework and comments.

It won't be enough to complain only to the teacher, because there is a department and an assistant principal and a principal and a superintendent and a school board.

If you look at the composition of the Richland 2 school board, you will easily detect the lean to the left. While there may be staff members who don't lean left, they know where the power is and whom they'd better keep happy.

Understand what is happening in schools. Decide what you want for your child.

Show up at school board meetings. Bring your friends and neighbors.

Register to speak during Public Participation segments. And speak! Get involved!