Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Why does Black History Month dominate the R2 homepage?

I can say that I wasn't surprised to click on the homepage for the Richland 2 school district this morning and find BLACK HISTORY MONTH predominantly displayed as the first message. 

While Black History Month is recognized in the U.S.A. and gets a whole month, what would happen if the non-black population of 87% of this country just said, "No." Is Black History Month really a divisive step that should be eliminated in this country? 

There is Black History Month, Black Lives Matter, Democratic Black Caucus (and probably Republican, too), Black Chamber of Commerce, black this, black that. Blacks in the U.S. are approximately 14% of the population.

Does Black History Month further or diminish unity in Richland 2 School District? In the U.S.? 

Will Richland 2 recognize White History Month? Brown History Month? Yellow History Month? Red History Month? Am I missing someone's identity out there? 

What would it take to put the term "African-American" out of use? Are we all Americans? Why creative division?

And while Richland 2 was quick to splash Black History Month not once, but twice, it did not remove the stale posting of the announcement of the January 26 school board meeting, now one week in the past.

And, by the way, Richland 2 still has not responded to my October 13, 2020 request to the Board about whether The 1619 Project is being taught or discussed in Richland 2 schools. 

Who else is making requests to the Board or the District and being ignored?