Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Disorderly Mobs at Sandhill Shopping Center

The following has been send to the Richland County Council, with a copy to Sheriff Lott.

Members of the County Council,

Sheriff Lott has announced that he will no longer work with the Special Duty Agreement with Sandhills Shopping Center. Pulling paid, off-duty deputies from Sandhills endangers the public. Please review immediately this decision by Sheriff Lott.

The RCSD PR person spoke on video about the importance of parental control of their children. When parents fail to control their children and the children then participate in criminal acts in public, it is a law-enforcement matter. 

Apparently, there were only two arrests Sunday night. What in the world is the policy at RCSD? Just dispatch the kids to a different location? 

We don't want L.A.-type disorder here in Columbia. RCSD can and should stop it.

Please direct the Sheriff to re-engage with Sandhills Shopping Center management and to authorize the maximum arrests to send a message to law breakers that they WILL be arrested.

CRT - Understand it?

Over the past 2-3 years you've heard a lot about CRT - Critical Race Theory.

You've heard Richland 2 claim it doesn't teach CRT. That's true; it does not teach CRT. But it's here, in all its glory, as DEI - Diversity, Equity, Inclusion.

Watch this 5-minute video.

By the way, do you know that PragerU videos can be used in the schools in Florida?

Can they be used in the schools in South Carolina?