Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Finally - an Inspirational Moment

At tonight's board meeting the wrestling team from Richland Northeast High School was recognized and praised for their past season.

I'm not familiar with the challenges they faced, but they succeeded.

I wish I hadn't heard "athaletics" and "wrassling" in the introduction.

I myself would prefer a short introduction, such as "Tonight's Inspirational Moment will be presented by the RNE wrestling team and coaches." That's all we need to hear.

Watch this segment of the board meeting. It's worth it.

Fast-forward to 1:24:43.

10:31PM Meerting Adjourned

For a couple of minutes, I thought the board was going to beat my estimate of a 5-hour meeting. Tonight's meeting times were 5:30-10:31PM.

They adjourned at 10:31PM, after a second executive session which was not discussed or commented on, when they re-convened at 10:24PM.

I can appreciate that they were all tired after another l-o-n-g meeting. The motion to adjourn the executive session and re-convene in public session didn't get a prompt vote, but a vote did happen. 

What did the board learn learn Thursday from Attorney Story's presentation? Anything?

Tune in on Wednesday for comments on 

-  the board's insane vote on special bonus checks before spring break;

- the Auditor's report;

- the D.A.R.E. Conference vote on Trustee Scott's attendance.

Where is the Board?

Another late start for the school board meeting!

It's 6:48PM, and the board is finally about to re-convene in public session.

The board should conclude its executive sessions, so that the public meeting can convene at the announced starting time of 6:30PM.

One look at tonight's agenda for the executive session guaranteed that they would not start the public meeting on time.

The board should conclude its executive sessions at 6:20PM and allow time for members to "freshen up" before calling the public meeting to order - on time - at 6:30PM.

When they are running late, an announcement should be made to those waiting in the audience and online, apologizing for the delay. An explanation for the delay should be given every five minutes.

Do you agree? Email the superintendent and the board and tell them what you think