Sunday, October 2, 2022

Penn Center - in today's news

Penn Center. Recognize that name?

That's where Supt. Baron Davis took a busload of "100 Premier Men of Color" on a field trip. What is Penn Center?

It's a museum on St. Helens Island, about 157 miles from R2i2, where one of the first schools for slaves ("formerly enslaved people) was located.

I never inquired whether that bus trip was paid for by Richland 2 or funded by separate donations.

Why was it in the news today? 

According to an investigative article in The State today, it received more than $1,000,000 from the State of South Carolina this year. And it apparently was an unregistered charity in this state.

"Richard Kenyon, finance director for Penn Center, which operates a museum on St. Helena Island in Beaufort County that was awarded more than $1 million this year, last week told The State his failure to register the charity was an oversight that would soon be rectified."


Oh, my. Just an oversight, don't you know?