Wednesday, March 1, 2023

The 2/28/2023 board meeting. Were you there?

Or did you watch it online?

Budget transfers under Board Policy DBF are discussed, beginning at 2:01:12 on the 2/28/24 livestream. Here.

Frankly, it's painful to watch.

I sent the following email to the Board, Mrs. Gregory, and Dr. Miley:

Board members,

There must be a better way to conduct business than trying to revise a Policy (DBJ) on the fly. 

Trustee Trapp's proposed revision should have been projected on the screen for all to see, read and follow during his proposal. He could have presented it briefly and generally, since this was a No-Action-Requested item. If it made sense to a majority of the trustees, it could have been included in the draft for the next meeting. At the next meeting, it could be fine-tuned, then adopted or rejected.

I urge the board to retain a consultant to explain how to function as a board, so that business flows smoothly, rapidly, clearly, and in accordance with generally-accepted business procedures.

I appreciate that everyone is "trying", but it certainly is painful to watch.

You are micro-managing the District with the proposed revision to DBJ. I agree with Chair Agostini that DBJ is fine just the way it is. No one on the board has hands-on experience in dealing with millions of dollars. You either trust Mr. Miley and the superintendent, or you don't. He has earned the trust of the District, and I hope you won't drive him away.

It appears that you have other micro-managing revisions on the way. 

Gus Philpott

Teachers' union president meltdown

This is what is leading teachers in the United States now. 

Watch this FoxNews clip of Randi Weingarten as she earned her pay, ranting and raving about the Supreme Court's pending decision on blowing Biden's student-loan pay-off out of the water. 

And, of course, that is exactly what the SCOTUS ought to do.

She didn't die in the saddle yesterday, but she certainly appears headed for a heart attack. Will that be a line-of-duty death, with a huge pay-off from the American Federation of Teachers?

Her gross salary in 2020-2021 was over $426,000 in 2020-2021, according to the union's Federal LM-2 filing. Not bad for a gay Democrat. What do you suppose she really does to earn that amount of money, besides mail out dues notices to lots of teachers? I wonder how all those $30,000/year teachers feel about her pay. 

Time to cancel her?