Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Blythewood H.S. "swatted"

The whole story isn't known yet and may never be fully disclosed. The short story that the "shot(s) fired" at Blythewood High School today was false.

Will full details be released?

How quickly was it determined to be a hoax? Were all students still on campus? 

Once the complaint was determined to be unfounded, did students return to classes?

If some idiot or other miscreant phones in a "shots fired" report, wouldn't the first step at the sheriff's department be to contact the school and the SROs and learn what they have to say about it?

"The sky is falling." Really?

Westwood High School - better this week?

Are conditions better this week at Westwood High School?

Has the Principal figured out how to restore order and control the violence, so that the school is safe for all students and staff?

It was shocking to me to learn that not all the trustees were informed of the disorder at Westwood. Were any of them informed? Did any of Manning, McKie, Holmes or Caution-Parker know of the level of fighting and the lunchroom restrictions that were put in place?

Because of the importance of safety and security at this time, all the trustees should have been informed.

They need not be involved. That's the superintendent's job to quell that disorder - by whatever means necessary. If he doesn't or can't do it, then the trustees get involved.

What role did "equity" play, if a decision was made to restrict the flow of information?

We heard "More Justice" referred to on Monday night. Are the miscreants being coddled? Is Administration just saying, "Please don't fight."

We see how that's working!

What percentage of students at Westwood H.S. are the troublemakers?

What do you, the readers, think about James Manning's unilateral decision to disband the Committee of the Whole on Safety & Security?

(OK, I know many of you fear retaliation or retribution, if you speak up. Email your comments to me. I'll publish them without your name.)