Tuesday, July 6, 2021

But a boy is a girl...

Is this nonsense headed for Richland 2 School District?

Read this article about an abrupt ending to a school board meeting in Loudoun County, Va., when the school board got fed up with parents and walked out. Note: it's the school board that walked out of the meeting!!!

Click here for the article in The Heritage Foundation's Daily Signal bulletin.

The question here in Richland 2 School District is "to what extent is this gender nonsense about to be implemented in the District?"

If staff think that recipients can't figure out their gender from their first names, is that thought contagious?

Now, if you have a first name that cannot be easily intetpreted for the correct gender, then put (Ms.) or (Mr.) in front of the typed name in the signature block. For example, I didn't know that Ishmael (now Tate) was a woman in the HR department, and I did not know the correct salutation in written correspondence. This is easily corrected by showing her name in the signature block as (Ms.) Ishmael Tate. There is absolutely no need to go woke with "Preferred pronouns she/her". 

Some in the District's administration are now using "preferred pronouns" in their signature lines in email. Why? Is this a signal to residents, parents, voters?

Unfortunately, the make-up of the Richland 2 School Board and its leadership now will probably result in more woke-ness. 

Parents, show up at school board meetings and demand a return to sanity. And don't be silenced when the Chair grabs her gavel and tries to hammer you into silence. If you are speaking and not violating the written policy by using "gossip, defamatory words, or abusive or vulgar language" (Board Policy BEDH), then don't be silenced. If you want to mention a school board member by position or name, do it. They are public, elected officials, not hired employees of the District. If a board member, even an officer of the board, is violating the law or public policy, there is no reason not to be able to hold them accountable.

Now, when the Chair orders a school district security officer or deputy sheriff to remove you from the podium, go peacefully. Do not get into a tussle with either. And then hire a lawyer and sue the District for violating your First Amendment rights to free speech. You know, the part about how "government" (that includes a school district) is not to infringe on that right?