Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Special-Called Board Meeting - June 20, 2023 - FOIA Violation

The announcement on the Livestream page says the board meeting is supposed to start at 7:00PM. Okay, so where is the meeting?

The meeting was called to order at 7:02PM. After the approval of the agenda, Trustee Nash made a motion for the board to go into Executive Session for the purpose of "an interview with a superintendent search finalist."

BINGO! FOIA Violation

The Agenda reads at Item 3.2, "Personnel Matter related to Superintendent Candidates."

Yesterday I contacted the District and expressed my opinion that Item 3.2, as presented on the Agenda, was too general. State law requires the Purpose of an Executive Session to be specific enough for the public to know what will be discussed.

Interviewing a candidate is not a "Personnel Matter related to Superintendent Candidates." The wording used by Mrs. Nash was changed from the agenda description to something closer to what will actually happen. 

However, the agenda did not get changed. There was time to change it. The agenda had to be published by 7:00PM yesterday. So the Public, believing the published agenda, had every right to expect that to be the purpose of the Executive Session. 

Will the I.G. or the Attorney General find a problem? 

At what time did tonight's meeting actually start? Did the trustees gather for dinner? At what time did they gather? 5:30PM?

If so, THAT is when the Special-Called Board Meeting began. It began as soon as four trustees (under State law) gathered, even though the Board's "quorum" (for matters like firing a superintendent) reads five trustees to be present.

It's already too late to correct the agenda for tomorrow night's Special-Called Board Meeting. 

Will the District correct it before Thursday's Special-Called Board Meeting?