Saturday, September 10, 2022

Fans fighting ends game early

OK, readers. What do you think?

Last night's football game between Ridge View H.S. and Spring Hill H.S. was interrupted and then canceled, thanks to some punks "just above Spring Valley’s home stands".

The headline in The State newspaper is "Off-the-field fight forces early end to Midlands football game" Click on that headline to read the article.

EDITED 9/11/22 Having seen a video of the fight, this was not just a scuffle. It was an all-out melee. Numerous RCSD deputies were right in the thick of things, trying to break it up and grab some of the perps. I hope they got a bunch of them. And I hope none of the deputies was injured.

I have my own opinion about whether you let mobs rule or whether you worry about what "might happen". 

My opinion is that the jerks who chose to fight, instead of peacefully cheering, should have been arrested (not "detained") and removed; as in, carted off to jail. Then put 2-3 deputies in their seats and resume the game.

Media report no weapons were involved. Is that true?

Students, parents and staff shouldn't have to enforce the law. But, if a fight breaks out, why not intercede and put down the troublemakers? Odds quickly could have been 5:1 or 10:1; that is against the troublemakers.

Of course, the District will not identify the miscreants. I'd like to know gender, race, and whether they were students of Richland Two, either of the schools, or from elsewhere. Were parents among the fighters? Were some of the troublemakers from A.C. Flora in Richland One?

If anyone knows, let me know. I don't feel any of the restrictions that media are worried about. I'll print names, pictures, ages, criminal charges.

How'd you like the final sentence in Supt. Davis' letter to parents. "Thank you for your continued support." I was reminded of the two old guys in the Bartles & Jaymes ads. 

Here's what I would written to parents: 

"Richland Two was embarrassed once again by knuckleheads in the stands who seemed to think fighting was better than watching the game. They will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The real reason that the remainder of the game was canceled was the likelihood that more fights would break out. We apologize for the inconvenience. Help us with this problem. Parents, control your kids."