Monday, August 15, 2022

Do you have the Password?

The August 9th "Convocation" by the District's superintendent is still secret. If you are a staff person or employee and have the password, would you be willing to share it with me? Confidentiality is guaranteed.

To find out whether it is still secret (password-protected), click here:

And next time, be sure to turn on your tape recorders, digital recorders or phones, when there is an address by the superintendent.

To protect yourself, determine whether a large number of employees was given the same password. Or did the District issue an individual password to each employee? You do not want to risk your employment and future by being found out.

Last Tuesday (August 9) I emailed Libby Roof for the password. When I saw her at the board meeting, I mentioned having emailed her, and she told me that the convocation is locked because "not everyone has seen it yet". She probably assumed our conversation was the equivalent of a reply to my email. Fair enough.

On Thursday (August 11) I emailed the superintendent and asked him to unlock the convocation. I also filed a FOIA request, to start the clock ticking.

There has been absolutely no reply from the superintendent or his office. I'm sure he's busy. It takes a lot of time to plan a November trip to Australia. 

This morning I emailed the board and asked them to have the convocation unlocked. The Board Chair, James Manning, responded with "This is an administrative issue and you are already in touch with the proper staff regarding your concern."

Let's see: 
Email to Libby Roof. Convocation remains locked.
Email to superintendent. Convocation remains locked.
Email to board chair. Convocation remains locked.

And the board wonders why people are up in arms? (Just so the woke crowd won't feel threatened, that's up in "arms", as those which are attached to shoulders.)