Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Kim Moore - the next Superintendent

At 5:34PM the Regular board meeting for June 27th was called to order. Forty-eight remote viewers were perched on the edges of their seats, awaiting the start of tonight's festivities. We watched the splash message that read Executive Session begins at 5:30PM. We knew that, but the Board has to first convene in Open Session before recessing to executive session.

Six trustees and the interim superintendent were present.

The board headed for executive session at 5:36PM. There were 65 remote viewers at that time.

At 6:33PM the Board reconvened in public session. The number of remote viewers was 184 - the highest in a long time. All trustees were present.

A public hearing was opened on the General Fund Budget for 2023-24. No one was present to speak. The board waited about five minutes and then closed the public hearing.

I was hoping for a short Inspirational Moment tonight. The teacher took over 2½ minutes to introduce the two students with him, both rising seniors. 

Joyce Brooks was announced as the sole speaker during Public Participation. She was a no-show. The Board should develop a plan to confirm speakers who sign up online and determine whether they will be attending the meeting.

When Chair Agostini called for Item 9.1, NO Trustee spoke up. What is up with Board Members who are unwilling to speak up and make the motion called for? Finally, the Chair had to make the motion.

An option could have been, "Hearing no Motion, we'll move on to the next item, which is ___." But then there would have been no action on the Policy for "Retirement of Professional and Support Staff".

At 7:18PM the Board entered Executive Session 2 to finish what they did not complete in the first Executive Session. The last item in the first Executive Session was "Discussion of Superintendent Employment".

Since that was the most important item on the Executive Session agenda (IMHO), why didn't they schedule that one first? Or make sure they had sufficient time to "discuss" whatever they had to discuss?

7:38  Kim Moore was selected as Richland Two's next Superintendent.

Don't miss Monica Scott's comments! Scott said she was "giddy", and she was. Scott called Dr. Moore forward to speak, before she was even elected by the board.

The vote was 6-1 for her selection.

After Dr. Moore addressed the board and the community, Chair Agostini excused herself, turning the meeting over to Mrs. Gregory for the board elections.

Monica Scott and Joe Trapp were nominated for Chair. Monica said she wanted the members to write their names on their ballots! That was discussed and rejected. The vote was 3-3, and Monica stepped back. A hand vote was then taken, and the vote for Joe Trapp was 6-0. Joe Trapp is the next Board Chair.

Benjamin Henry, Ed.D., Argosy (2011)

For those who have been wondering where Finalist Benjamin Henry got his doctorate, the State of Florida has the answer.

According to the resume posted on Florida's Department of Education website, Benjamin Henry received his Education Doctorate from Argosy University* (Tampa, Fla.) in 2011. His dissertation topic was "Hopelessness and its Impact on Middle School Male Students".

His Master's degree is from University of Phoenix in 2004. 

The online resume appears to be somewhat out-of-date, because it doesn't list his last four years as Regional Superintendent of Polk County (Florida) Schools.

At tonight's school board meeting, we'll learn who Candidate X is. The District's website reads, for tonight's meeting, "Richland Two Board Meeting - Will Formally Announce New Superintendent".

I read that "Will" as Candidate X has accepted the position and agreed to terms of employment.

Now the question is, Who is Candidate X?

* Argosy University closed permanently on March 8, 2019.