Tuesday, June 16, 2020

R2 Students Can Learn from the Death of Rayshard Brooks

Rayshard Brooks, 27, died in Atlanta on June 12, 2020. He didn't have to die.

Richland 2 students of all ages and races can learn from his death. And should learn from it. And they should learn to separate the "wheat from the chaff". Instead of making an immediate emotional decision about what you think happened, take it apart. Understand exactly what did happen.

And understand exactly what is wrong with the media reporting non-stop about it. And understand what the exact cause of the resulting violence is.

Why did Brooks die?

He resisted arrest.
He fought with two officers.
He disarmed one officer of his taser.
He fled with the officer's taser.
He fired the stolen taser at the officers who were chasing him.

Brooks' actions resulted in his death.

Watch the 20-minute video, not the 2-min. one on CNN.

The officer was polite to Brooks. Brooks was calm, until he realized he was being arrested. Are reports correct that he was on probation or bail and had been court-ordered to stay out of trouble?

Is DUI (a BAC of .108) staying out of trouble? Was he headed to jail for violating the terms of his release, not just for the DUI?

Don't be influenced by the Brooks' family mouthpiece. He is just doing what lawyers do. They plead their case in the media. He'll sue for $20,000,000 (40% contingency fee (commission)) and the City of Atlanta will roll over and pay.

Now, do you, students, need to worry about getting shot by police?

If you don't do stupid stuff, the answer is No. If you do stupid stuff but straighten up when the cops grab you, the answer is No. If you do dumb stuff, like fight with cops, disarm them, run, shoot at them? Yep, you'll probably die.

Use your education. Use your brains. Just be as smart as you can, and you'll live to a ripe, old age.

NOTE: At 6:30PM, hours after I wrote the above, I read this newspaper article in The Augusta Chronicle. I suggest you read it.