Sunday, March 10, 2024

American Citizenship

What is taught in Richland 2 schools about American citizenship, history (the real history), politics, the founding of the U.S., the meaning of responsible participation in the government, the awareness and understanding of identity politics, and the ability to think and make independent decisions?

A free online course titled "American Citizenship and its Decline" is offered by Hillsdale College at

Hillsdale College, in Hillsdale, Michigan, accepts NO government funding. It avoids the "strings" that are attached to government dollars. It doesn't have to kowtow to government regulations to keep the dollars flowing.

Take this eight-lesson course. You'll be surprised. Comment below, please, after you complete the course.

California city bans most identity flags

Huntington Beach, California has prohibited most non-government flags on city property. Read this article.

Gone will be LGBTQ and "breast cancer awareness, Pride, Confederate and all other non-U.S flags on city property".

Another article on FoxNews reported that the Springfield, Missouri School Board has refused to accept a LGBTQ "statement of support". The school board president, Steve Makoski, delivered a calm statement and explanation of the decision, which can be viewed here. (Apologies for the long, embedded ad.)

That would be a good position for Richland 2. 

Severely limit excessive identity activism and kowtowing to special interest groups. Close the DEI program. Get back to educating the students.