Monday, August 14, 2023

After-school shoplifting - Food Lion near RVHS

The Food Lion across the street from Ridge View High School is having a problem with shoplifting. The problem is mainly after school - after Ridge View High School releases students at the end of the day. This store is right across the street from RVHS.

The only reason for a student to be in Food Lion after school (or at any time) is to make a purchase. If you see gangs of kids loitering, call RCSD to clear them out.

Employees are not loss-prevention officers or law-enforcement officers. They should not be expected to interfere with some crackpot who is stealing merchandise. 

Food Lion works hard to be a good neighbor and is happy to see all students and parents. 

I, for one, am unwilling to see any of our stores turned into a "San Francisco experience" or a "L.A. experience". 

If you see anything suspicious going on, get out your phone and start recording. Be sure to get good face pictures and distinctive clothng or bookbags. Video is always good, if you have a steady arm. Get pictures of vehicles and license plates, too.

I have emailed Principal Brenda Mack, the new superintendent, the school board chairman, the lieutenant in charge of SROs, and the RCSD captain and lieutenant in charge of Region 7, which includes The Summit. You may notice an increased law-enforcement presence there.

Disclosure: I am a regular shopper at this store. I do not work for or speak for Food Lion.