Thursday, June 15, 2023

If I were Superintendent of Richland 2,

If I were the Superintendent of Richland 2, 

- I would tell the board to stay in the boardroom and out of my office. Give me their directions at board meetings.

- I would take matters to the board for decisions, not endless discussions.

- I would treat employees fairly and set clear expectations for those who report to me;

- I would tell my Administrators to be clear with their subordinates, set clear expectations, and hold subordinates accountable; and duplicate that down the line;

- I would tell Administrators that their work and work of teachers is to be limited to what they can accomplish during normal working hours; their free time and that of the teachers is not to be intruded upon!

- I would tell board members to stay out of the schools, unless they are there as a parent of their enrolled child. Their job is directing the District, not meddling in the schools.

- I would tell board members that employees work for me, not for them. Stay away from them. If employees whine to board members, re-direct them to their superiors;

- I would tell all employees that I expect to hear about problems fast - through the chain-of-command. Only contact me if their complaint is not resolved. 

- I won't read anonymous complaints. There will no retribution or retaliation for complaints with merit.

- Students are expected to conduct themselves with good manners and respect for others. The principals will have paddles on their walls. Don't find out what they are for!

- Teachers are not babysitters. They are not to be threatened, cussed out, disrespected. 

- We are going to turn out students who will be productive citizens, capable of earning a living and staying out of jail. 

- The Student Handbook will be reduced to one page. Students won't have to spend nights and week-ends reading it.

- Make school and life fun!

- If you don't like the way I run things, fire me.

Three Finalists - now what?

Richland 2 has announced three finalists for the superintendent's job. Go to the District's website for information about them. Now what?

The stamina of the finalists will be tested on June 20-21-22, when each comes to the District for meetings with the Stakeholder groups and the Board. 

District visits are two-way streets. The District looks at them. They look at the District.

Will any of the three want the job? Presumably, they know the basics of the compensation package, or they wouldn't even come. They know of the dysfunction on the current board. They will have studied and analyzed online board meetings.

After reading the prominent placement of DEI in each description, I wondered, "What did the Board really give McPherson & Jacobson as criteria in a candidate?"

The board chose three finalists out of 39 candidates. Diversity vanished in the selection. Inclusion vanished. The three look like nice people; in fact, they look like the majority of the students. That will please many. 

The candidates' descriptions say where they've been, not where they are going. Only one mentioned a distinction awarded to a school of which he was Principal. Details are general. Where is any expression of conservative values and leadership in citizenship?

Had the Board started its search in February, would it have a finalist with real experience as a superintendent leading a sizable district?

The Board expects to offer the position on June 23, a Friday. The offer letter must already be drafted and awaiting a name and address. It will be emailed late Friday. When will negotiations occur and with whom (at a Richland 2)? Saturday? Sunday? Monday? Last-minute on Tuesday? What if the #1 pick withdraws?

The Board expects to announce the name of the superintendent on Tuesday, June 27, and expects him or her to start on July 3. Will it happen?