Sunday, November 14, 2021

Judicial Watch on Critical Race Theory

Watch Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, take off on Critical Race Theory and Antiracist Baby. I've been a supporting member of Judicial Watch for several years, and it is doing great work on many fronts.

This November 2021 video is germane to issues being addressed by Richland 2 right now. If you have time to watch this before the November 16 board meeting, please do.

Here's another video for more information about Ibram Kendi's Antiracist Baby:

Grab Your Wallets - Policy BID under "Review"

At the November 16, 2021 board meeting Board Policy BID is up for review. This policy is Board Member Compensation and Expenses. Grab your wallets and purses, folks.

Of course, you know what the board members will really do, don't you?

They will reduce their monthly stipend (salary) from $800 to $400-500. Or maybe they'll change it to $100/meeting. Not likely.

And those expenses? 

I remember Teresa Holmes' photos on her Facebook page when she attended a national meeting of the National School Boards Association in Washington, DC in January 2019, only two months after being elected to the Richland 2 School Board on November 6, 2018. And BEFORE she ever took the oath of office as a board member legally.

Need I mention one more time that Holmes has never taken the oath of office legally? Nor has Amelia McKie.

How many more NSBA meetings has she attended at Richland 2 expense? How many SCSBA meetings has she attended? She has never taken the oath of office legally and, therefore, is still NOT a legitimate member of the Richland 2 school board. How much has Richland 2 spent on expenses for her?

How much does Richland 2 budget for board of trustees expenses? How much does Richland 2 actually pay for trustees' expenses?

Is anyone foolish enough to think that the board will be reducing its own allowance?

If the District does reimburse a trustee for expenses, the trustee should have to provide documentation and confirmation that s/he actually attended general and workshop sessions and didn't just go to the meeting to party.

The public deserves to know what the numbers are.

Also, Board Policy BID should be amended state that no increase in stipend/per diem or expenses will be effective during the current term of any board member. In other words, they can't vote themselves a raise.

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